Duracade Agreement

Farmers who planted Duracade this season have had to sign a marketing agreement that requires them to use only Duracade corn « as a seen or cereal to feed livestock on my farm [or] as grain sold at a site designated by Syngenta. » Before planting hybrids with agri-farm properties, producers must sign a trust agreement. The agreement outlines the conditions for growing hybrids with Agrisure characteristics, compliance with MRI programs prescribed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and, where appropriate, grain pipeline requirements. Company representatives, including Syngenta Seeds President David Morgan, presented details of the Duracade agreement at a meeting with NGFA and the North American Export Grain Association on March 4, according to the newsletter. The groups asked Syngenta to stop the sale of Duracade and another variety of GMOs until they were approved by major importers. Web Resources:Golden Harvest ThriveAgiveEnogen Feed « Our unwavering research and development centre of gravity is gaining national recognition, » said Jon Barrett, Product Manager for Golden Harvest Corn. In 2018 Farmers` Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST) Results of the study, Golden Harvest hybrids took home 59 top 3 finishes. Enogenous corn hybrids are the first organic maize production specifically designed to improve ethanol production. Encephalic corn is rapidly gaining acceptance because it adds value to ethanol producers and provides corn producers with the opportunity to be suppliers of enzymes to their local ethanol plants. All information provided by competitors is based exclusively on the interpretation of publicly available information, including public submissions, administrative submissions and observations in commercial areas. « The devil will be whether producers and buyers are faithfully complying with these recommendations. » Agrisure Duracade is exclusively available as an integrated refuge product for comfort in the management of corn root worms. Check the pocket tag for a full list of controlled parasites. The Golden Harvest portfolio is available at Golden Harvest Seed Advisors, which combines productive seed options with local agronomic knowledge and field recommendations. Visit GoldenHarvestSeeds.com to find your local independent advisor and get more information about Golden Harvest corn. Non-Trait-Hybrid (left) vs.

competitive hybrid (center) vs. Agrisure Duracade Stroke (right) | Princeton, IL 2013 ©2019 Syngenta, 2001 Butterfield Road; 16th floor; Downers Grove, 60515. Important: Always read and follow the instructions on the label and the day of the bag; Only those labelled as glufosinattolerant can be sprayed with ammonium glufosinate-based herbicides. Their position has divided the U.S. agricultural sector, with Syngenta and some farmers insisting that producers need access to new technologies to save money and improve crops. Corn seeds containing duracade have been designed to control parasites called rootworms. DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., 11 September 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Since the European Commission has issued import authorization to Agrisure Duracade® characteristic (event 5307) in July, maize cereals and their food and feed products can be used in the European Union (EU). Syngenta refused at the meeting and refused « direct requests » to take responsibility if Duracade corn is accidentally sent to buyers who banned it, according to NGFA. Agrisure Duracade® expresses a protein that binds differently in the intestine of the corn rootworm by offering complete control of surface insects, Agrisure Viptera® leads to better harvest levels and lower disease levels. By controlling pests, Agrisure Viptera reduces the production of mold and mycotoxins, leading to better quality cereals and peace of mind, whether your cereals are for sale in the elevator or fed on the farm.

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