Did Brazil Sign The Paris Agreement

A bolsonro statement before the October 2018 run-off was widely reported as a reversal of his intention to abandon the Paris agreement, but there was no reversal. Bolsonaro said Brazil would remain in the agreement if « someone » could give it a written guarantee that there would be no « triple A » project and that there would be no « independence of an indigenous territory. » Triple A refers to a proposal by a Colombian NGO for a chain of protected areas linking the Andes to the Atlantic, which Bolsonaro considers a foreign conspiracy to withdraw the Amazon from Brazil, while « the independence of each indigenous region » refers to his belief that foreign governments are trying to convince indigenous peoples to declare their independence from Brazil so that conspiracy governments can recognize the territories and take control of the Amazon. Last month, after two decades of talks, the EU announced a provisional trade agreement with Mercosur countries – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – one of the largest agreements ever negotiated. « During his election campaign, he signaled to environmental criminals that he would reduce existing policing structures and keep his promises, » says the environmentalist. « We are following a path that Brazil took a long time ago, » President Michel Temer said at a ceremony to announce the agreement in Brasilia, the capital. « Climate is a matter for the state. It is an obligation for all governments. The bill is still under discussion in the Brazilian Congress. But with the ratification of the Paris Agreement, Brazil has taken a step forward and committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 37% by 2025, with a possible reduction of 43% by 2030 compared to 2005. The country presented its commitment for the first time in September last year. Under the Paris Agreement, each country must regularly present and update its emission reduction plans. There are significant gaps in Brazilian policy to stop emissions growth. Continued withdrawal of forest protection policies allows ever-increasing rates of deforestation and pushes emissions from Brazil`s largest source – deforestation – upwards after more than a decade of decline.

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